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Illegal trade in natural resources: Evidence from missing exports Pierre Louis V ezina May 30, stimulate downstream industries, , 2014 Abstract Countries restrict the export of natural resources to lower domestic prices, earn rents on international markets, on environmental grounds.

Page 1 Policy against Illegal Trade of Natural Resources Introduction ZTE is concerned about the link between the illegal extraction , trade of natural.

Minerals in Conflict highlighted the link between the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the DRC , revenues from the illegal trade that finances.

Illicit trade of natural resources.

Trade in natural resources is highly regulated, , on., promote downstream industries, earn rents on international markets, mostly on the export side According to the World Trade Organization about one third of all export taxes cover natural resource untries restrict the export of natural resources to lower domestic prices Illicit trade in natural resources in Africa A forthcoming report from the African Natural Resources Center 5 The minerals, timber, fisheries, oil sectors account for the bulk of illicit trading in Africa, wildlife

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Experts background report on illegal exploitation andtrade) in naturalresourcesbenefitting organizedcriminal groups and trade) in) natural) resources.

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The link between the illicit exploitation and trade of natural resources, and the illicit proliferation and trafficking of arms, has become increasingly apparent Migiro says. Illicit trade is the extraction, production, and trade of natural resources that fails to comply with laws or regulations This includes smuggling natural resources.

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