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Sunless Sea wiki created by hodgerton What are your most profitable trading routes self sunlesssea , never ending trade route I ve figured out.

One good Route i found is Fallen London too Venderbright Take 3 Tomb Colonist , sell them 3 x 15 Echoes Take Recent News from your Lodgins , sell them 1.

Apr 16, then sailing all the way to the., 2015 I believe this is the most profitable trade route you can run in Sunless involves buying up Dark Drop Coffee Beans

Jun 09, 2014 Trade Route Sunless Sea Home Sunless Sea A game of survival, trade , exploration in the universe of Fallen London Trade Route.

Sunless sea trade routes. Below you can find some helpful Sunless Sea trade routes which should help you to make lots of money very quickly if you have the right resources

So I ve seen quite a few people saying the only possible trade routes only net you a profit of 1 2 echos per unit, and it s not worthwhile to bother with trading at all. Open Production With Sunless Sea: e thereany* good trade routes The best trade route I d recommend is none of these.

Sunless Sea: How Zubmariner I ve been exploring far more on the terms which make Sunless Sea a delight I repeat trade routes and missions as a kind of comfy.

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